A Picture Guide to Migraine Headaches

A woman with a migraine.
Illustration concept of a headache.
View of a staircase with an aura effect.
A tired woman yawning.
An illustration of a migraine.
A blurred photo of city lights.
A man solving a math problem on a chalkboard.
A woman drinking a cup of coffee.
A pack of birth control pills.
A Chinese dumpling with soy sauce.
Glasses of wine and a cheese board.
A woman holding a cup of coffee.
A headache diary and pain medicine.
A man in a crowd.
A child with a headache.
A doctor talking to a patient.
A headache quiz.
A spoon full of medicine pills.
A woman taking triptan.
A woman using nasal spray.
A woman holding medicine bottles.
A man with medicine in a glass cup.
A pill organizer.
A woman undergoing biofeedback and relaxation training.
Acupuncture performed on a man.
A grandmother pushing a child on a swing.
A woman calling the doctor.

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Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Migraine Headaches

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