Top Surprises of Life After Baby Arrives

Parents kissing their baby on the cheeks.
A group of mothers with their babies in strollers.
Parents with their newborn baby.
A mother sleeping with a baby bottle and pacifier on the nightstand.
A mother holding baby bottles while visiting guests play with baby.
A dad makes funny faces at baby.
A baby crying.
A mother talking to her baby.
A baby crying in a highchair.
A mom reading a book to her baby.
A child upset with a pacifier.
A child pouting in a white shirt.
A mother watching as her daughter sits on the potty.
A mother nuzzling her baby.
A baby girl playing with blocks.
An infant riding her bike.

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Reviewed by Kathy Empen, MD on Friday, April 18, 2014

Slideshow Pictures: Parenting -- Top Surprises of Life After Baby Arrives

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