Bladder Cancer Symptoms, Stages and Treatment

An illustration of bladder cancer.
Bladder cancer can sometimes be detected in lab tests.
An x-ray of bladder cancer.
Cigarettes smoking increases cancer risks.
Chemicals like those found in plastic can cause cancer.
Anyone can get bladder cancer.
Cystoscopy is a bladder cancer diagnostic test.
A CT scan and pyelogram of bladder cancer.
A bladder cancer cell.
An illustration of bladder cancer stages.
An illustration of bladder cancer surgery.
The use of a bladder catheter is common among bladder cancer patients.
Intravenous therapy used for chemotherapy treating bladder cancer.
Imaging of tuberculosis.
Pelvic radiotherapy for bladder cancer.
There are no alternative treatments to cure bladder cancer.
Survival rates depend on the spread of the cancer.
Surgery for bladder cancer can damage nerves.
No known way to prevent bladder cancer.
New treatments are being investigated for bladder cancer.

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Bladder Cancer Symptoms, Stages, Treatments

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