Cholesterol Levels: What They Mean, Diet and Treatment

Foods high in fat,organs, and bodily fluids affected by cholesterol
Illustration of a clogged artery.
HDL and LDL cholesterol levels.
Raw hamburger patties.
Olives in olive oil.
Gummy bear candy.
Fat cells.
Test tubes of blood products.
Cholesterol rich foods: shrimp, eggs, and lobster.
A family eats dinner outside.
A slice of cake.
A daughter kisses her mother on the cheek.
A child eating fast food.
High cholesterol and the heart.
High fiber cereal.
A donut and avocado.
Types of healthy protein, including salmon and tofu.
A vegetable omelet.
A woman checking her weight at the gym.
A no smoking sign.
A woman in a pool.
Various medications.
Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil.
Two heads of garlic.
A woman stretching.
A bowl of vegetable soup.

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Slideshow Pictures: Cholesterol Levels -- What They Mean, Diet and Treatment

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