Concussions & Brain Injuries Symptoms and Tests

Model of brain anatomy showing the face, skull and brain.
Photo of boxer receiving a punch to the head.
Photo of family visiting boy in the hospital with a concussion.
Illustration of a concussion.
Woman leaning over sink after head injury.
Photo of woman lying in bed healing after concussion.
CT scan of a fractured skull.
3D CAT scan of a brain hematoma.
Photo of doctor reading brain X-rays.
Photo of post it reminders on the wall.
Photo of woman feeling dizzy.
Photo of depressed man in thought.
Photo of physical therapist working with patient.
Photo of occupational therapist and patient.
Photo of paramedics rushing a victim into the hospital.
Photo of an upturned tricycle on the ground.
Photo of a mother teaching her baby to walk.
Photo of mother securing a helmet on her child.
Photo of girls playing softball.
Photo of father buckling his daughter into her car seat.
Photo of woman tidying living room floor.

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Slideshow Pictures: Concussions & Brain Injuries -- Symptoms, Tests & Treatment

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