Myths and Facts About Depression

Photo of a man working on an oil pump.
Photo of a neuron cell.
Photo of two people motocross racing.
Photo of a depressed woman waiting at the train station.
Photo of an isolated and depressed teenage girl.
Photo of dirty dishes piling up at the sink.
Photo of a climber reaching out for help.
Photo of a soldier saluting.
Photo of a grandmother and grandchild blowing a dandelion.
Photo of an older, happy woman listening to music.
Photo of a smiling woman with dementia.
Photo of angry couple back to back in bed.
Photo of a person writing in journal.
Photo of a team of cheerleaders.
Photo of two people running in the ocean.
Photo of a father and son playing basketball.
Photo of a funeral procession in a cemetery.
Photo of a couple sitting and talking under a tree.

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Salt Shockers


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Depression Myths: Overwork, Recklessness and More in Pictures

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