Enlarged Prostate (BPH) Symptoms and Treatment

Illustration of normal prostate.
Illustration of an enlarged prostate.
Photo of a men's restroom.
Urogram of a narrow urethra.
Photo of a grandfather with a balloon.
Photo of a cut log showing tree rings.
Intravenous pyelography of prostate adenoma.
Photo of a man waiting in doctor's office.
Ultrasound image of a prostate tumor.
Photo of directional road signs.
Photo of two dogs in sitting in a golf cart.
Photo of older men at talking at the gym.
Photo of alpha blocker pills in a blister pack.
Photo of a glass of water and DHT pills.
Photo of man about to take his medication pills with water.
Photo of a palmetto leaf and berries.
Photo of the TUNA procedure.
Photo of doctors performing prostate surgery.
Photo of couple holding hands.
Photo of a grandfather showing his grandson how to fish.

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Slideshow Pictures: Enlarged Prostate (BPH) -- Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

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