Jobs That Wreck Your Sleep

Photo of an air traffic controller at night.
Photo of a network administrator asleep on the floor.
Photo of a factory workers making globes.
Photo of a senior manager chewing out staff.
Photo of a cable news reporter at a polling station.
Photo of a nurse yawning over paperwork.
Photo of a financial analyst working late at night.
Photo of a police officer making an arrest.
Photo of a medical intern asleep on gurney.
Photo of an airplane pilot checking flight departure times.
Photo of a mother awake with her newborn baby.
Photo of trucks on the highway at sunset.
Photo of a bartender at an illuminated bar at night.
Photo of a woman in bed staring at the clock.
Photo of office workers doing stretches at night.
Photo of a woman undergoing a sleep study.
Photo of a woman sleeping in mask and earplugs.

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Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD on Friday, May 09, 2014

Slideshow Pictures: Sleep -- Jobs That Wreck Your Sleep

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