Prescription Drug Abuse Facts and Statistics

Prescription pills, cigarettes, and alcohol.
A woman stares at a dozen or so prescription pills laid out on a table.
A woman pours prescriptions pills in to her hand.
A man pours prescription cough syrup in to a cup.
A woman with an injured arm reads the bottle of a prescription medication.
A woman half-awake lying on the bed next to a spilt bottle of pills on the nightstand.
A young woman with a pill in her hand.
A man holds a syringe in from of his chest.
A teenage male in the hospital exhibits signs and symptoms of prescription drug abuse.
Spilled pills on the floor with a bottle in the hand of a person.
A therapist counsels a woman.
Two nurses working in a doctor's office.
A senior woman reading the dosage of a prescription medication bottle.

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Slideshow Pictures: Prescription Drug Abuse - Statistics, Facts, and Symptoms

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