Slideshow Pictures: Skin and Beauty -- Antiaging Tips & Secrets to Look Younger

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Photo of smiling madeover woman.

Photo of woman with too much foundation.

Photo of woman with clown eyes.

Photo of woman with nice eye makeup.

Photo of woman applying eyebrow makeup.

Photo of woman's lips.

Photo of woman applying lipstick.

Photo of lip balm.

Photo of smiling woman.

Photo of woman with cucumber slices.

Photo of eye makeup on woman.

Photo of sunglasses.

Photo of boosting thinning hair.

Photo of older woman.

Photo of skin gel.

Photo of forehead wrinkles.

Photo of woman with crow's feet wrinkles.

Photo of woman with age spots.

Photo of mixed fresh berries.

Photo of raw salmon.

Photo of woman using lotion.

Photo of nail polish application.

Photo of a woman using pumice stone on her heels.

Photo of woman smoking.

Photo of woman using sunscreen.

Photo of woman with a needle.

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