Type 2 Diabetes: Learn the Warning Signs

Photo of tourists at a telescope.
Photo of woman drinking water.
Photo of woman removing her glasses.
Photo of bandaid on thumb.
Photo of woman comforting husband in bed.
Photo of man watching TV.
Photo of family portraint in restaurant.
Photo of two pregnant women in cafe.
Illlustration of blood glucose and insulin
Normal insulin absorption vs. insulin resistance
Photo of a blood sample.
Photo of a man serving salad.
Photo of a man lifting weight.
Photo of a woman doing yoga on the beach.
Photo of diabetes pills.
Photo of diabetic treatments.
Photo of colorful syringes.
Photo of athletic woman checking glucose.
Illustration of plaque in artery.
Photo of urine sample and test strips.
Photo of diabetic retinopathy.
Photo of pin cushion.
Photo of diabetic ulcer.
Photo of father and son cycling.

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Slideshow Pictures: Type 2 Diabetes - Learn the Warning Signs

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