What Your Feet Say About Your Health

Feet in warm, cozy socks.
A woman holds red high-heeled shoes.
Raynaud's disease on the feet.
An illustration of plantar fascia.
A woman has trouble walking.
An illustration of clubbed toes.
A woman has swollen feet.
Feet warmed by campfire.
A close-up of a foot ulcer.
An example of big toe gout.
An illustration of Morton's neuroma.
A close-up of athlete's foot.
An illustration of claw toe.
A close-up of foot spasms.
Melanoma on the side of a toe.
Toenail fungus.
An illustration of spoon-shaped toenails
Toes with white nails.
A psoriasis-infected toenail.

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Slideshow Pictures: Foot Health -- What Your Feet Say About Your Health

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