The Worst Shoes for Your Feet

Photo of spiked ultra-high heels.
Photo of pump bump composite.
Photo of foot pain from heels.
Photo of lower heels.
Photo of ankle sprain risk.
Photo of stiletto heels.
Photo of chunky heels.
Photo of woman wearing ballet flats.
Photo of orthotic inserts for shoes.
Photo of flip flops.
Photo of plantar fasciitis.
Photo of comfort sandals.
Photo of woman wearing platforms.
Photo of comfort platform shoes.
Photo of pointy toed shoes.
Photo of painful bunion.
Photo of toe problems.
Photo of tips of shoes.
Photo of costume shoes.
Photo of comfortable work shoes.
Photo of woman in pointy heels that are the wrong size.
Photo of shoe measuring device.
Photo of mens' shoes.
Photo of footie running shoes.
Photo of toner shoe.
Photo of sensible shoes.

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Reviewed by David T. Derrer, MD on Monday, March 24, 2014

Slideshow Pictures: Foot Health -- The Worst Shoes for Your Feet

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