Sun-Damaged Skin Pictures

A young woman sunbathes.
A teenage girl looks at her tan lines at the beach.
Two sunburned young men.
A photo of sunburn blisters.
A photo of lines and wrinkles around a woman's eye.
A mature woman with uneven skin tone.
A smiling young woman with freckles.
A photo of melasma (pregnancy mask) on the forehead of a woman.
An older woman's hand shows age spots.
A photo of a precancerous skin condition known as actinic keratosis.
A photo of actinic cheilities on the lower lip.
A photo of a squamous cell carcinoma lesion.
A photo of Bowen disease on the surface of the skin.
A photo collage of basal cell carcinoma.
A photo collage of melanoma.
A close-up photo of a mature cataract.
A mother applies sunscreen to child at the beach.

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