Surprising Reasons You're in Pain

Flip flops.
Man texting with phone.
Man reaching for his wallet.
Woman driving her car.
Friends playing video games.
Lots of cheese.
Pretty lady relaxing on the couch.
Man holding smiling baby.
Woman on escalator with laptop and case.
Woman with ponytail.
Spraying perfume.
Man sleeping in bed.
Two glasses toasting champagne.
Peanut butter crackers.
Woman with a huge box.
Woman leaning over her computer.
Man holding his head from eyestrain.
Balloons adrift in the sky.
Man stretching on the beach.
Kid on shoulders at the beach.
Man clenching his teeth.
Do not disturb sign.
Woman holding and stretching her neck.
Man holding his back in pain.

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Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Slideshow: Surprising Reasons You're in Pain

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