A Picture Guide to a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetables being served onto a plate.
Group of diffrent dairy products.
Many diffrent protein sources being cooked over the stove.
Soy kabob
Vegetarian Lasagna.
Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper
Veggie omelet complimented with some fruits and orange juice.
Eggplant Parmesan
Vegetarian Chili
Portabella Mushroom Burger
Veggie Burger
A Plethora of Vegtables.
Guy showing off his wok skills.
Many diffrent types of cheese.
Pita bread and a bowl of hummus.
Spinach salad topped with a bit of dressing and mandarin oranges.
An assortment of seeds.
Vitamin B-12
Young child happy about being a vegetarian.
Part-Time Vegetarians.

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Slideshow: Vegetarian Diet - Becoming a Vegetarian

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