What Kind of Doctor Do I Need?

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Your primary physician can refer you to see a specialist.
Learn the difference between the three types of general care physicians.
A cardiologist can perform EKGs.
Allergists perform skin allergy tests.
Bariatricians deal with obesity.
Mental healthcare providers often prescribe medication.
Pediatricians give children vaccines.
Rheumatologists treat systemic diseases like arthritis.
Neurologists can perform brain tests.
Podiatrists treat feet and heel bone spurs.
Orthopedic surgeons often perform knee surgery.
Gynecologists may perform diagnostic vaginal ultrasounds.
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons can put in dental implants.
Urologists often treat enlarged prostates and prostate cancer.
Endocrinologists can help diagnose people with type 1 diabetes.
Oncologists help patients fight cancer.
Ear-nose-and-throat specialists look inside sinuses with a rhinoscope.
Pulmonologists are experts in lung function.
GI doctors perform colonoscopies with scopes.
Dermatologists specialize in removal of pre-cancerous moles.
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What Kind of Doctor Do I Need? Find a Specialist

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