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Sore Throat (cont.)

Sore Throat Prevention

Avoiding close contact with ill people can help a person from getting a throat infection. Cold viruses appear to be more readily transmitted than Streptococcal infections. Only some family members exposed to Streptococcus develop strep throat. Usually a person with strep throat becomes noninfectious within 24 hours after the first antibiotic dose. The incubation period (the time between exposure to strep germs and onset of illness) is usually 2-5 days. Children should stay home from school and day care during infectious periods.

Being vigilant about hand washing is the best way to prevent any kind of infection. Many viruses can be transmitted by contamination of common surfaces. It is important to teach children the importance of hand washing using soap and water and/or hand sanitizer. Avoid sharing of drinking and eating utensils and other personal items can also be an effective preventive measure.

Sore Throat Prognosis

Only in very rare cases are sore throats due to serious conditions. Although rare, complications of strep throat such as rheumatic fever, poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis, and epiglottitis can cause serious illness or death.

REFERENCE: Pediatrics, Pharyngitis.

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