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Brown Recluse Spider Bite - Treatment

What was the treatment for your brown recluse spider bite?

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Comment from: concernedmom, 25-34 Female (Caregiver) Published: November 15

My daughter was just bitten on Thursday at a home she was cleaning. She would not let anyone call me and tell me because she knew I would make her go to the doctor, which she hates to do, but I would not have stopped until she went. Anyway her aunt called me and told me. So my fiancee and I went to her home and her foot looked terrible. She had took a box cutter and tried to lance it herself. They then used the snakebite suction device that comes in the kit and she screamed like she was having labor pains. Oh my God, stuff came out of her foot that was terrible, then it just stopped and the pain was unbearable. Finally, I talked her in to going on to the emergency room at our local hospital. The doctor told her that absolutely no suction device should have been used. The doctor had to lance the wound and cut it to the bone to get out all of the infection. If you get bitten by one of these, go to the emergency room immediately.

Comment from: 7-12 Female (Patient) Published: October 12

I was bit several times on my arm and legs. At first I had no clue what it had been, so my mom took me to the doctor. The doctor said it had been a brown recluse. And I had a major reaction to the bite. The doctor told me and my mom put goldenseal on it. After we did this the bites went down and my skin looked normal after 2 months.

Comment from: Eirugal, 25-34 Male (Caregiver) Published: October 10

My brother was bitten by a brown recluse while doing field exercises with his platoon. He saw the spider on his gear and diagnosed the bite. When he sought medical attention at the Fort Hospital later the young doctor wrote it off as a zit. He was scheduled to fly to Chicago for leave and when he showed the bite to our MD aunt she took him to an emergency room and removed a golf ball size amount of necrotic tissue. One has to be one's own advocate in matters of medicine.

Comment from: 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 10

My Dr. identified my symptoms as being from a "venomous bite" and said there was nothing he could do to treat the bite and that he could only treat the symptoms, and that was optional. I was prescribed Prednisone and Benadryl was suggested, but again, he could only treat the symptoms. I asked twice about being prescribed an antibiotic, because of my concern for the swelling and inflammation. I was told antibiotics were not necessary. The area worsened, swelling and becoming extremely painful. On the 4th day, the area had burst open, at which time I went to the ER. I was given IV antibiotics and pain medication. The area was cleaned, a gauze dressing placed in the wound and the area was dressed. I was directed to schedule a follow up with a surgeon whose assistant treated me in the ER, and directed on how to dress the wound properly. The follow up was scheduled 4 days later, at which time I was sent directly to the hospital for an emergency surgical procedure to debris the wound of dead tissue and treat the staph infection. I was hospitalized from Thursday through Saturday. My concern is whether this was indeed a venomous bite or if it was misdiagnosed, actually being staph infection all along. I feel extremely angry, that a culture was not taken and my concern about being given antibiotics was brushed off by the original doctor. Incidentally, a blood test was performed during this visit to check my TSH level.

Comment from: 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 23

At first I thought I slept on my neck wrong, the pain I was feeling was terrible. But when I felt the back of my neck I felt a sore. I couldn't see for myself since the bite was on the back of my neck, but everyone who looked could see a trail of what appeared to be bite marks, and it did itch and then the pain started and it hurts badly. I went to the ER and the Doctor was awful! He said it is neck pain and under the same breath states yes you have infection. He didn't seem to care, really glad I went to the ER with no insurance just to have that done (he did nothing) he gave me antibiotics and pain medication. No tests were even done. So here I am still in pain and the sore doesn't look any better. It still itches, burns and appears to be crusting but yet not really healing. I am going to a different Doctor come Monday. I am very disappointed in the ER. All my research thus far on this spider it is nothing to take lightly.

Comment from: jafoami, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: August 15

I have a friend who was bitten by a brown recluse, and his doctor put him in a chamber breathing 100% oxygen, I don't know how long he was in the chamber, or if it was more than once, but he said the wound healed completely afterwards. I think I was bitten two days ago, and would like to NOT got through what some of you have.

Comment from: bdm, 45-54 Male Published: August 08

I was bitten two weeks ago. At first I didn't realize I was bitten until the following day. No real pain or discomfort. That evening it began to itch and I scratched it and a pustule popped and that's when the crater like circular wound began. It continuously filled with pus for 7 days and was the size of a dime. The first 3 days I simply washed with soap and water and had a bandage over it. I read on the internet to use hydrogen peroxide which helped speed up the healing process. I used this for the next five days, four times a day and at night used triple antibiotic ointment. Today is day 11 and my wound is almost complete healed. However it will take some time for the original skin color to return.

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Patient Comments & Reviews

The eMedicineHealth doctors ask about Brown Recluse Spider Bite:

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