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Starfish (Sea Star) and Crown of Thorns Puncture Wounds

Starfish (Sea Star) and Crown of Thorns Puncture Wounds Overview

Starfish, crown of thorns, and sea stars are marine animals of the class Asteroidea, and live throughout the subtropics and tropics. They are bottom dwellers, so any contact with a diver is usually accidental. Injury occurs from the spine and the venom in a gelatinous form from around the spine areas. It can be injected into the skin and even through gloves as some star fish have long spines. Crown of thorns have as many as 13 to 16 short, sharp spines that are up to 6 cm (over 2 inches) long. Starfish (also termed sea stars) vary from about 1 inch to about 3 ft. in diameter.

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