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Staying Well With Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (cont.)

Acupuncture for MS symptoms

Some people claim that acupuncture may help reduce the severity of their multiple sclerosis symptoms, including

What about rehabilitation for people with multiple sclerosis (MS)?

Multiple sclerosis rehabilitation helps to increase function, improving physical skills and thereby quality of life. Rehabilitation usually focuses on problems with walking and balance, using aids such as a cane or wheelchair, dressing and other personal care, and performing everyday tasks. There are two types of rehabilitation:

  • Restorative rehabilitation seeks to restore lost function. This type of rehabilitation is especially helpful after an multiple sclerosis relapse (attack of symptoms). For people with severe disabilities, rehabilitation tries to make the most of the strengths and abilities that are still there.
  • Maintenance, or preventive, rehabilitation seeks to preserve current function even as multiple sclerosis gets worse. For people who have been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, rehabilitation can establish knowledge and patterns that will be in place in case problems arise later.

For friends and family, a rehabilitation program can teach these persons how to adapt to changes, alter home and work environments for ease of mobility and tasks, and show how they can help others give assistance to their loved ones.

Every person with multiple sclerosis is unique, and a rehabilitation program is best when designed for each particular person. A doctor, neurologist, or other health-care professional can recommend a rehabilitation therapist.

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