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Stroke-Related Dementia (cont.)

Stroke-Related Dementia Symptoms

Cognitive symptoms may appear abruptly, over weeks or months in a stepwise manner, or even gradually over years. The appearance of symptoms varies by the type of stroke and the part of the brain affected. Cognitive decline usually occurs within 3 months of a recognized stroke and may indicate vascular dementia.

The following are common symptoms of vascular dementia:

  • Memory loss, especially problems remembering recent events

  • Inattention, poor concentration, difficulty following instructions

  • Difficulty planning and organizing tasks

  • Confusion

  • Wandering, getting lost in familiar surroundings

  • Poor judgment

  • Difficulties with calculations, reasoning, or problem solving

  • Psychosis - Agitation, aggression, hallucinations, delusions, loss of contact with reality, inability to relate appropriately to surroundings and other people

  • Mood and behavior changes

  • Depression

  • Laughing or crying inappropriately
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