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Subungual Hematoma (Bleeding Under Nail) (cont.)

Subungual Hematoma Prognosis

  • After the subungual hematoma is drained, the pressure beneath the nail is relieved, and the pain decreases significantly.
  • The hole formed in the nail will obviously remain and grow out at the rate that the nail normally grows.
  • One possible risk and long-term complication of a subungual hematoma is a nail bed laceration (cut).
    • If trauma is severe (for example, an subungual hematoma of the surrounding soft tissue including the nail and nail bed), the nail bed laceration can be stitched closed after the nail is partially or completely removed.
    • If the skin beneath the nail is lacerated, similar to any other skin cut, it may not heal properly.
    • This complication can result in deformity of the nail and the nail growth.
    • The deformity may be temporary and go away after the nail grows out, or it may be permanent, and you may have an obviously deformed nail forever.
    • If you do not seek medical attention at all for a subungual hematoma (not recommended), and sometimes even if you do, and a significant injury occurs under the nail, the nail may completely fall off as it grows out as part of the natural healing process.
    • Despite best efforts by doctors and yourself at home, nail deformity and permanent abnormalities can result from such injuries.
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Subungual hematomas are common nail bed injuries caused by blunt or sharp trauma to the fingers or toes.

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