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Systemic Scleroderma (cont.)

How Do People Inherit Systemic Scleroderma?

Most cases of systemic scleroderma are sporadic, which means they occur in people with no history of the condition in their family. However, some people with systemic scleroderma have close relatives with other autoimmune disorders.

A small percentage of all cases of systemic scleroderma have been reported to run in families; however, the condition does not have a clear pattern of inheritance. Multiple genetic and environmental factors likely play a part in determining the risk of developing this condition. As a result, inheriting a genetic variation linked with systemic scleroderma does not mean that a person will develop the condition.

What Other Names Do People Use for Systemic Scleroderma?

  • familial progressive scleroderma
  • progressive scleroderma
  • systemic sclerosis


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