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Testicle Infection (Epididymitis) (cont.)

How Can You Prevent Epididymitis (Testicle Infection)?

For men younger than 39 years of age, the cause is usually a sexually related disease. If one partner is infected, the other partner should be evaluated and potentially treated as well. Otherwise, the patient may become reinfected. Other prevention methods are as follows:

  • abstinence (no sexual relations);
  • condom use (reduces chances for infection by about 90%);
  • monogamy with only one uninfected sex partner;
  • preventing child abuse in pediatric patients; and
  • mumps vaccination.

Those individuals that develop epididymitis secondary to taking amiodarone medication will likely need a different medication if they must stop the drug. Consultation, usually with a cardiologist, is recommended to switch to another drug.

For men older than 39 years of age, good hygiene is suggested for those who are uncircumcised to help prevent urethral and bladder infections.

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