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Testicular Pain (cont.)

What is the outlook for a male with testicular pain?

The prognosis for individuals with testicular pain is dependent entirely upon the underlying cause leading to the symptoms.

For individuals with testicular trauma, the prognosis depends on the severity and extent of the initial injury. Though most patients with testicular trauma will recover without long-term sequelae, others may experience loss of the testicle or permanent damage to the testicle.

If an individual has testicular torsion, the prognosis and recovery depends on the time elapsed between the time of symptom onset and the time to successful manual detorsion or surgical intervention. The chance of salvaging the testicle decreases as more time passes.

  • If detorsion occurs within 6 hours from the time of symptom onset, the rate of salvaging the testicle is between 90% and 100%.
  • After 12 hours, the salvage rate is between 20% and 50%.
  • After 24 hours, the salvage rate is between 0% and 10%.

Complications associated with testicular torsion include loss of the testicle, permanent damage to the testicle, infertility, and infection.

Individuals with epididymitis and bacterial orchitis will generally recover without complications if treated with antibiotics in a timely manner. Potential complications include abscess formation, impaired fertility, and rarely, a systemic blood infection (sepsis).

For individuals with torsion of a testicular appendage, the prognosis is excellent.

If an individual is diagnosed with a testicular tumor, the prognosis depends upon the type of tumor and the extent of the disease at the time of diagnosis.


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