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Testicular Self-Exam (cont.)

Testicular Cancer Diagnosis

If a suspicious lump exists, the physician may order tests to assist in making the diagnosis.


  • Testicular ultrasound is an excellent way to evaluate lumps in the testicle. With ultrasound, the technician moves a wand over the area. Sound waves echo to form an image on a computer screen. This procedure is noninvasive and painless.
  • In addition, when a collection of fluid or blood exists around the testicle, it may be difficult to feel a mass or lump. Ultrasound can overcome this barrier and give an accurate image of the testicle.

Blood tests

  • Blood tests for serum markers are often elevated in testicular cancer.
  • These markers include alpha-feto-protein (AFP) and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).
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