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Thyroid Medications (cont.)

Other Medications for Hyperthyroidism

Beta-blockers (propranolol, Inderal, Inderal LA, InnoPran XL)

  • This medicine can help block the body's reaction to hyperthyroidism
  • It can control heart-related symptoms, such as palpitations, tremors, andagitation

Iodide solutions

(Lugol's solution, Strong iodine, super-saturated potassium iodide or SSKI)

  • Usually given as drops of liquid medicine, iodide solutions can prevent the release of hormone from an overactive thyroid gland.
  • Given only to treat Graves' hyperthyroidism
  • Must be given with an antithyroid medicine
  • May cause short term decrease in thyroid hormone levels, so often used prior to thyroid surgery
  • Common side effects are a metallic taste and nausea
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