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Types of Psoriasis (cont.)

Inverse Psoriasis

Bright red, smooth (not scaly) patches are found in the folds of the skin. The most common areas are under the breasts, in the armpits, near the genitals, under or between the buttocks, or in abdominal folds. These irritated and inflamed areas are aggravated by the sweat and skin rubbing together in the folds. Yeast overgrowth may trigger the skin lesions of psoriasis.

Picture of inverse psoriasis.
Picture of inverse psoriasis. Image courtesy of Hon Pak, MD.

Topical creams and ointments are used to treat inverse psoriasis. Corticosteroids, vitamin D3 derivatives, topical retinoids, coal tar, tacrolimus, or anthralin have been used. Due to the sensitive nature of the skin in the folds of the body, irritation from treatment is common. Another problem is that these moist irritated areas can be prime areas for yeast and other fungal infections.

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