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Walking for Fitness (cont.)

Technique Counts

As you walk, add to the benefits of your walk with four important ways to improve your walking technique.

  • Stand tall. Posture matters. Focus on the horizon, keep your shoulders back, and tuck your abs to avoid arching your lower back.
  • Take quicker steps, not longer. Your stride will lengthen as you speed up, but don't force yourself to take longer steps.
  • Bend your arms. Bring them up to a 90-degree angle, no more. Keep your elbow fixed. Your hands come to the center line in front of your body but do not cross. Faster arms will make faster feet.
  • Push off with your back foot for power. Generate push at the end of each step as your leg prepares to swing forward. You should feel as if you're showing the sole of your shoe to someone behind you.

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