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Wilderness: Scorpion Sting (cont.)

Scorpion Sting Prevention

Many scorpion stings can be prevented by taking precautions such as shaking out clothing and shoes to dislodge any scorpions, wearing clothing that covers the body (for example, wearing gloves and tucking in pant legs into boots may limit exposure). Many pesticides that are commercially used outside on homes may make some scorpions sluggish and easier to kill before they can sting. In addition, pesticides may markedly reduce the food source of scorpions.

Most investigators suggest that if a scorpion is seen or felt on the skin, it is better to brush it off quickly instead of slapping at it because the scorpion will likely sting if the slap does not kill it.

Scorpions glow (fluoresce) under UV light (black light), so if a person is doing tasks in areas where scorpions might reside (dark areas like a closet or underneath a porch), people can use a black light to find them before they sting. This technique can be used in homes at night when scorpions are more active and may be found on the floors or walls.

Scorpion Sting Pictures

A scorpion (<em>Centruroides exilicauda</em>).
A scorpion (Centruroides exilicauda).Click to view larger image.


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