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Abortion (cont.)

Abortion Counseling

Most abortion counseling focuses on the decision-making process, the options for continuing the pregnancy, medical issues of the pregnancy, information regarding the pregnancy itself, full disclosure of the risks of continuing the pregnancy to deliver a baby, information and options for the abortion procedure, and, finally, information regarding a birth control decision. The risks and benefits of both medical and surgical abortions are often reviewed.

  • The counseling process is aimed primarily at the woman herself but may also include other people she chooses to be involved. Studies indicate that men are involved in more than 40% of the decisions, but only scant research has been performed on male involvement in the process. Some women can reach a decision quickly. Others take longer to decide. The counseling process may provide referrals if you need ongoing support.
  • You should not feel pressured to make a decision. Take time to consider your options.
  • During the counseling, you may be asked questions designed to encourage meaningful discussion of the issues as they pertain to you. You will have many emotions. Counseling may take a day or longer.

Some state laws may apply to the counseling process. Some states have mandatory waiting times between the information session and the actual abortion. Other states require family or parental notification, and some states mandate that certain subjects be covered during abortion counceling.

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