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Ankle Arthroscopy (cont.)

After the Procedure

You will be taken to the recovery room for monitoring while waking up from the anesthesia.

  • Some people may be allowed to bear weight with crutches.
  • Others may be placed in an immobilizer for as long as six weeks. The type of repair made during the procedure and the surgeon's preference will determine how your ankle may be immobilized.
    • If extensive surgery or remodeling of the ankle is performed, the surgeon may choose to put your ankle in a cast to prevent you from moving it too early and to promote healing.
    • If you had an arthroscopy only to establish a diagnosis, the surgeon may put a simple splint or air splint on your ankle.
  • In general, the area should be kept clean and dry while the incisions are healing.
  • Pain medicine may be prescribed.
  • The ankle should be elevated and iced to minimize swelling and to help control pain.
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Arthroscopy is an important diagnostic and therapeutic technique for management of disordersof the ankle joint (see Images above).

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