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Arthritis (cont.)

What Questions Should Someone With Arthritis Ask Their Doctor?

  1. What is my diagnosis? How can I learn more about it?
  2. Does my arthritis only affect the joints or are there other areas of my body that can be involved? Can my eyes, heart, lungs, brain, or kidneys be affected? How?
  3. What is the likely course of this form of arthritis? What is the long-term outlook?
  4. What are my treatment options? What are the risks of not treating at all?
  5. If my symptoms worsen, what should I do on my own? When should I contact you?
  6. How and when should I exercise?
  7. What are the local support groups or foundations that are available to me? (for example, Arthritis Foundation, U.S.,
  8. I have certain special concerns (for example, fertility, pregnancy, offspring, alternative medicines, surgery, special diets, relatives with tragic outcomes with similar diseases or medications, etc.). How do these particular issues relate to my situation, and how do you feel about them?
  9. Are my children likely to be affected by this illness? If so, how can I best help them?
  10. While I take the medications that you currently recommend, how should we monitor for possible side effects (for example; examination, blood pressure check, lab testing)? Are you aware of each of the medications that I am taking?
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