Can a Person Die from Fibromyalgia?

Ask a Doctor

I have had fibromyalgia for several years and no matter what treatment I try, the pain never gets significantly better. I’m sort of at the end of my rope, and I worry about my future with this nerve condition. Is fibromyalgia dangerous? Can you die from fibromyalgia?

Doctor’s Response

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain in the muscles and tender points all over the body.

The pain from fibromyalgia can lead to a reduced quality of life and disability. In general, fibromyalgia is life-long but not deadly, however, complications of fibromyalgia include higher death rates from suicide and injuries.

A 2010 study found the risk of death from suicide was ten times higher in fibromyalgia patients than in the general population. Rates of depression in fibromyalgia patients also tend to be higher than in people without the condition. If you have suicidal thoughts, tell your doctor.

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