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Can Hashimoto's Cause Other Autoimmune Diseases?

Reviewed on 4/2/2019

Ask a Doctor

I have Hashimoto thyroiditis. The fatigue, the weight gain, trying to get my hormone replacement medication dosage right, the muscle pain… all of it has been exhausting and really hard on me and my family. Now I read there is a connection between Hashimoto and other autoimmune disorders. Can Hashimoto disease cause other autoimmune diseases?

Doctor’s Response

Hashimoto’s disease can increase the risk of developing other autoimmune disorders, including:

In addition, you are at an increased risk of developing Hashimoto’s disease if you have other autoimmune disorders such as those listed above, as well as celiac disease, autoimmune hepatitis, and Sjögren’s syndrome.

For more information, read our full medical article on Hashimoto thyroiditis.

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Reviewed on 4/2/2019
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