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Bad Breath (Halitosis) (cont.)

Bad Breath Symptoms

Many individuals with bad breath may be unaware they have it, or their signs and symptoms may only be temporary. The odor often depends upon the source or underlying cause of the bad breath.

Some common symptoms of bad breath include

  • bad breath smell,
  • bad taste in the mouth, sour taste, or taste changes,
  • dry mouth,
  • a coating on the tongue.

When to Seek Medical Care for Bad Breath

Most causes of bad breath are due to inadequate oral hygiene and are rarely life-threatening. If good oral hygiene practices do not eliminate the bad breath, see a dental professional. In most cases, a dentist can treat the cause of bad breath.

An individual should consult their physician for a diagnosis if they have

  • persistent dry mouth,
  • sores in the mouth,
  • pain with chewing or swallowing,
  • white spots on the tonsils,
  • fever,
  • any other symptoms of concern.

Those who have bad breath and have just started a new medication or who have had recent dental surgery should consult their health-care provider.

Bad breath in babies or young children may be a sign of infection or undiagnosed medical problems. Consult the child's doctor or dentist if an infant or young child has bad breath.

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