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Bathing Babies

Bathing Babies Introduction

Bathing your newborn baby for the first time is one of the sweetest, and for some, one of the most anxiety-provoking milestones of parenthood. Although parents may be nervous at first, they'll soon grow confident and competent as they learn what works best for them and their baby.

How Often Should Babies Be Given a Bath?

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Until a baby starts crawling on the floor, a daily bath is not necessary. As long as adequate cleansing is done during diaper changes and after feedings, a bath two or three times a week in the pre-crawling months will keep a baby fresh smelling and presentable.

When Is the Best Time to Give Babies a Bath?

Just about any time of day can be the right time for a bath. Some parents feel bathing just before bedtime helps create a more relaxed state conducive to sleep. It is best to avoid baths just after or just before a meal, because so much handling on a full tummy could result in spitting up, and the baby may not be cooperative on an empty stomach. Give a baby time for the bath, so it need not be hurried, and there won't be a temptation to leave the baby unattended even for a second to take care of something else. Plan on not answering the phone during the bath time. If it's necessary to leave the room, take the baby along.

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