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Comment from: Doree, 3-6 Female (Caregiver) Published: April 11

After reading hundreds of articles, which all had great advice and comforting words for frustrated parents, nothing seemed to work. Our daughter who had been potty trained since age 2 had started wetting the bed nightly at age 4. I was stumped. Nothing had changed at home, no new, people, no new routine, limited drinks after 5 pm. And did I mention I was getting up EVERY 2 hours at night to take her to the bathroom? After all of that, she was still wetting the bed. In a break room conversation with a co worker my life changed. She recommended having my daughter go to the bathroom hourly during the day, no matter what. I tried it the next day and like magic, she literally stopped wetting the bed that night and has been accident free since. Good luck, I wish you many dry nights!!!

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