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Birth Control FAQs (cont.)

Do I want a permanent form of birth control?

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Tubal sterilization is a surgical procedure for women. Vasectomy is a form of permanent sterilization for men. Both are intended to be permanent and are not easy, and sometimes not possible, to reverse. The decision to have a permanent form of birth control must be taken seriously and should involve you and your spouse or partner. See Birth Control Permanent Methods for more information.

What are the chances of a pregnancy if my current method of birth control is not used or fails? Should my partner and I consider using 2 forms of birth control (such as a male condom and birth control pills) at the same time?

Each birth control method has a failure rate. Even the permanent forms of sterilization, tubal ligation and vasectomy, are not 100% effective. Understand your risks for pregnancy before you have sexual relations. Combine methods to further lower your risk.

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