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Blood Clots (cont.)

Are there any natural cures or home remedies for blood clots?

Recognizing that a potential illness may exist associated with a blood clot is the first step in getting treatment. Since many of these illnesses are life-threatening (heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolus, ischemic bowel), accessing emergency care and calling 911 may be the most important step in treatment.

What about surgery for blood clots?

Depending upon the underlying disease, surgery may be required to remove a blood clot. Often this occurs emergently in life- or limb-threatening situations in which anti-coagulation with heparin or the use of thrombolytic medications is not appropriate or when these have failed to resolve the blood clot.

Will I need to follow-up with my doctor after being treated for a blood clot?

Depending upon the underlying illness, medical care for a blood clot is likely to be ongoing, and repeat visits to a health-care professional will be necessary. Patients who have a DVT or PE will need to be risk stratified (determine the risk of another blood clot and comparing it to the risk of being on blood thinners), trying to find out why the blood clot developed. This will help make the decision whether their anticoagulation will be only for a short period of time, or whether it should be lifelong to prevent future clot formation.

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