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Brain Lesions (Lesions on the Brain) (cont.)

What Are Brain Lesions?

"Lesions on the brain" is a phrase that many people use to find information about brain problems. The phrase is non-specific and indicates that the searcher may desire an introduction to this vast, highly detailed, and complicated subject. The design of this article will be to introduce the readers to a series of topics about brain lesions, and to provide them with some key terms and ways to delve deeper into the topic if they so desire.

First, however, the reader needs to understand what is meant by "lesions on the brain". The term "lesion" is derived from the Latin word "laesio" meaning injury. Medically speaking, the term lesion refers to any abnormal tissue found on or in a person or organism usually caused by disease(s) or injury. Consequently, the "lesions on the brain" phrase covers all topics related to abnormal tissue that can be found on or in the brain. A presentation of topics introducing the reader to types, causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, prevention, and prognosis for brain lesions will be presented. Finally, this article cannot cover every brain lesion (there are over 120 different named brain tumors alone), so the reader is advised once they have read this article, to then go to the links and references in this article to obtain more detailed information about specific diseases.

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