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Broken Elbow (cont.)

Broken Elbow Medications

A wide variety of pain relievers are available for a broken elbow.

  • Oral medications are usually used for mild pain.
  • Injections, either into a muscle or into a vein (by IV), are used for moderate to severe pain.
  • Medication can be put directly into the elbow joint to relieve pain or it can be given by injection or IV.
  • If the elbow is dislocated or broken and needs to be reset, medications also can be used to help this process.
  • Certain medications relieve pain extremely well, and although they may cause sedation (sleepiness), they allow muscles to relax and help reduce the pain a great deal while the doctor treats the elbow injury.
  • After receiving these medications and having the elbow reset, many people awaken to find their elbow has been repaired and splinted.
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