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Broken Nose (cont.)

Broken Nose Medical Treatment

  • For simple breaks in which the nose has not been displaced (the bone is not crooked), the doctor may prescribe only pain medication, ice, and nasal decongestants.
  • For markedly displaced fractures, the doctor may attempt to realign the bone pieces. The doctor may use pain medication, local anesthesia, and nasal instruments.
  • Most repairs of nasal fractures are done after the swelling has subsided.
    • Not all displaced fractures can be relocated immediately.
    • Not all displaced fractures can be relocated in the emergency department. Some fractures may require and ear, nose and throat physician (ENT, or otolaryngologist) for surgery.

If the nose continues to bleed, the doctor may insert packing into the nostrils.

  • A soft gauze pad will be placed in the bleeding nostril and should stop the nosebleed completely. The doctor or ENT usually removes the packing in 2-3 days.
  • Do not attempt to remove this packing.
  • The doctor will sometimes prescribe antibiotics and pain medication while the packing is in place.
  • If other injuries exist, additional diagnostic tests and treatment may be given.
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