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Bunions (cont.)

Follow-up on Bunions

If initial therapy is ineffective, a return visit to the health care professional is advised. Rethinking the diagnosis and treatment plan with persisting symptoms is in order. This may require a repeat injection of cortisone or a surgical treatment (bunionectomy) with realignment of the deformity. There are a variety of surgical options. The optimal choice of therapies must be customized to the individual patient.

Bunion Prevention

Proper-fitting footwear and orthotics is the key to prevention of inflammation of and progressive injury to bunions.

Prognosis of Bunions

Most patients who are treated for bunions do very well. Proper footwear to minimize recurrence, worn over the long term, is essential for the best outcome.

Bunion Picture

Picture of a bunion
Picture of a bunion

Medically reviewed by Aimee V. HachigianGould, MD; American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


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Last Reviewed 11/17/2017

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