Symptoms and Signs of Bursitis Symptoms, Types, Causes, Treatment, and Cure

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Medically Reviewed on 3/11/2019

Doctor's Notes on Bursitis Symptoms, Types, Causes, Treatment, and Cure

Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa, a small sac that function to reduce friction between bone and soft tissue – there are 160 bursae in the body was the largest mainly near the hip, knee, shoulder and elbow tendons. Signs and symptoms of bursitis are directly related to the degree of inflammation in the bursa and in its location in the body (for example, the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow). Signs and symptoms vary from local joint swelling and stiffness to painful joint motion, sometimes so painful that makes it difficult for the patient to put even mild stress on the joint. The joint area may exhibit redness and feel warm to touch.

Causes of bursitis include injury, joint overuse, rheumatic conditions, inflammation due to crystals (gout) and occasionally, infections.

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