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CAM for Migraine and Cluster Headaches (cont.)

What are cluster headaches?

Cluster headaches are given their name based on the fact that the attacks of pain occur in clusters that may last several weeks to months. The pain is agonizing and usually affects one side of the face, involving severe pain behind one of the eyes with associated nasal congestion and runny nose. Men tend to get these types of headaches more frequently than women.

How do I start finding treatment for my migraine or cluster headaches?

Before you seek an alternative approach to your headache pain, make sure that it is correctly diagnosed. Evaluations for your headache may include examinations by your primary care physician, a consulting neurologist, and an ear, nose, and throat specialist. It is important that you have your condition(s) properly diagnosed; if not, any therapy you receive, be it from a Western medical or an integrative approach, will likely not be beneficial. It is essential that all serious, emergent, and urgent causes of your pain are excluded by a traditional medical physician before you try some of the nontraditional approaches.

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