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Cardiomyopathy (cont.)

What medications treat cardiomyopathies?

Medications prescribed to the patient will depend upon the underlying reason that caused the cardiomyopathy.

If appropriate, angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and beta blocker medications may be used to allow the heart to beat more efficiently, potentially increasing cardiac output.

When congestive heart failure symptoms exist, diuretics in association with diet changes and salt restriction may be used to prevent water retention and decrease the workload of the heart.

Do I need to follow-up with my doctor after being diagnosed and treated for cardiomyopathy?

Patients with cardiomyopathy often need lifetime care to monitor their heart function. Control of symptoms can be key to optimal outcome.

Blood tests may be needed to monitor medications and other markers in the body.

Echocardiograms and ultrasounds can be used to assess heart function including valve anatomy, ejection fraction, and function of the contraction of the atrium and ventricle walls.

As with all long-term illnesses, consistent monitoring is prudent.

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