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Symptoms and Signs of Cataracts, Symptoms Signs, Types, Pictures, Treatment, and Cure

Doctor's Notes on Cataracts, Symptoms Signs, Types, Pictures, Treatment, and Cure

Cataracts, no matter which type, fundamentally change (reduce) the clarity of the lens structure of the eye. Signs and symptoms of cataracts are characterized by the patient’s comment that it looks like you are seeing the world through a foggy car windshield or a dirty camera lens. Other signs and symptoms include blurry vision, glare, dull color vision and increased nearsightedness. Cataracts are usually not painful and gradually cause the signs and symptoms.

The causes of cataracts are mainly due to the protein in the eye lens being slowly altered over time and cloud the lens. Other causes of cataracts include hereditary enzyme defects, trauma, eye surgery, and intraocular inflammation. Other associated causes may include ultra-violet light exposure, steroids, smoking and diabetes.

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