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Cesarean Childbirth (cont.)

C-Section Self-Care at Home

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Barring complications, the woman may leave the hospital usually 48 to 96 hours after a cesarean childbirth. If complications occur during surgery, the hospitalization may be longer. Once home, it is important to watch for further complications in the healing process.

Wound care can be handled at home.

  • Care of the surgical incision is relatively simple. Water can wash over the wound as long as the impact of water is not directly onto the wound. Keeping the wound clean and dry is important for adequate healing. This includes avoiding coverage by skin folds, which can lead to excessive moisture and infection.
  • Sometimes, the wound can separate at its edges, and blood or fluid or both may come out. If this happens, seek immediate medical attention.
  • If the wound edges are not closing properly, the wound may be left open at the time of discharge from the hospital. In this situation, the wound should be packed as instructed by the hospital staff 2 to 3 times a day. Open wounds will gradually heal from the base of the wound to the surface requiring less and less packing as the days go by.
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